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Based in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, Fi Production is a full service film and video production, post-production and broadcasting company. we provide our own video and film production facilities and state of art production equipment.

Operating across numerous media channels and categories, we create dynamic TV and RA commercials, presentational and industrial films, music videos, we produce original soundtracks, TV shows and broadcast live events. Our talented and experienced team of creators helps us meet the toughest of the customer’s demands, ensuring that their projects are creatively transitioned from concept to completion. Our editing and grading suites, synchro studio and high-end in-house video equipment enable fast and high quality services and products which deliver a powerful message and leave a lasting impression.

We collaborate with advertising agencies, corporate marketing departments, large corporations, Television Production Companies, theatres and other companies. What we deliver comes with a message that is both compelling and relatable to their specific audience, yet at the same time reflects the customer’s own needs, tastes and vision.

We will do our very best to exceed your expectations. 
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We have our own base of voice and face talents. If you want to join us please send us an email cast@fip.si


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